Pastors' Class: A Closer Look At What We Believe

On Wednesdays from April 29-June 3, 2015, we hosted “Pastors' Classes" at both campuses, where attendees heard one of our pastors teach on a specific issue, and then were able to dialogue, engage, and ask questions.

These classes addressed various topics and sections of our statement of faith. Below, you will find class videos and notes for you to view if you missed the classes, or want a refresher.

Our Statement of Faith

What We Believe

Wednesday, April 29 - God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Will in Salvation

A look at issues such as Reformed Theology, Free Will, Calvinism, Predestination, Election, and God’s Love

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Wednesday, May 6 - Baptism and Church Membership
Scoping out the contours of both believer's and infant baptism, and how Four Oaks is approaching this issue biblically and pastorally

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(Wednesday, May 13 - Break/no class)

Wednesday, May 20 - Men and Women at Home and in the Church
Unpacking the biblical perspectives on the roles of men and women and their implication for models of leadership

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Wednesday, May 27 - Pastors, Elders, and Leaders
Examining the biblical roles of pastors and elders and understanding how they are unified and function together

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Wednesday, June 3 - Church Partnerships and Relationships
Looking more closely about what the Bible says about extra-local connections between churches, and how this impacts Four Oaks’ future direction

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