There are a number of biblical and theological convictions that our pastors and elders hold and are unified on that are not specifically addressed in our Statement of Faith. Covenant members, while having freedom of conscience to differ on these issues still agree to submit to and support the teachings of the leadership of the church on these biblical convictions.

Our theological and biblical distinctives are grouped into eight, primary categories. These categories are our theological ‘plumb lines’, which means that they serve the purpose of tethering everything we do and say in our ministry to a fixed, theological principle and truth. This helps to insure that there is both unity and clear direction emanating from the church leaders that people are then able to orient themselves to.

1. Four Oaks Church embraces a robust, God-centered (“Reformed”) theology that recognizes the absolute sovereignty of God over all of life, including salvation, sin, and suffering.

2. Four Oaks Church affirms and practices believer baptism (vs. infant baptism)

3. Four Oaks Church emphasizes the church gathered corporately each week.

4. Four Oaks Church emphasizes the church scattered, encouraging our individual members to live as Christians in their homes, work places, and places of rest, recreation, and need.

5. Four Oaks Church embraces a continuationist theology, both in principle and practice. This means we affirm the active, ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit and believe that all of the gifts of the Spirit are operative and available to the church for the building up of the body of Christ.

6. Four Oaks is led by qualified, male leadership and, thus, are complementarian. We affirm both men and women as image bearers of God, with equal but distinct roles in the home and church.

7. Four Oaks embraces a team model of leadership and ministry and is thus governed and lead by a plurality of elders and pastors.

8. Four Oaks believes in multiplying itself through multiple models – additional campuses, church planting, and sending missionaries internationally.