This training focused on the heart attitudes and tools necessary to help facilitate discipleship in a community setting, including how to love people well, ask heart-oriented questions, speak the truth in love, and apply the gospel to everyday life—otherwise known as LOVE, KNOW, SPEAK, DO. This training can be applied in a number of different contexts, including redemption groups, community groups, and Bible studies.

Redemption Groups

Redemption Groups are intense, short-term small groups that provide biblical counseling to help individuals focus on difficult and seldom-discussed areas of life, such as abuse, addiction, and trials of all sorts. While these groups are open to all members, they are a particular place of restoration and healing for people who are experiencing brokenness in their lives and relationships. Redemption Groups are a complement to rather than a replacement for fellowship groups, a “rest stop” designed to equip people with the truths of the Gospel and help them return to the “highway” that is their fellowship group where ongoing community takes place.  

Groups are gender-based, have up to eight people per group (2 leaders, 1 apprentice, and 5 participants), and meet weekly for 10 weeks. All groups meet together for large-group worship and teaching through the book Redemption and then break up into their small group for 90 minutes of discussion, heart application, confession, and prayer. 

In preparation for launching Redemption Groups in Fall 2016, listed below is the teaching and training we received from John O’Brien, Pastor of Community Life at The Avenues Church in Delray Beach. These sessions were recorded on February 26, 2016.

Redemption Group Training

Session 1/Intro: God's Story

Session 3/Chapter 2: Hope that Hurts-Bricks Without Straw, How Long, O Lord?

Session 5/Chapter 4: Crossing the Red Sea-Into a Life Free from Shame

Session 7/Chapter 6: The Golden Calf-Volunteering For Slavery

Session 9/Chapter 8: Is God Your Promised Land?

Session 2/Chapter 1: When You Suffer, God Is Near

Session 4/Chapter 3: Passover-At Your Worst, God Gives His Best

Session 6/Chapter 5: Demanding Manna-The Subtle Significance of Everyday Desires

Session 8/Chapter 7: The Covenant Keeping God-Our Only Hope For Lasting Change