2018 Perspectives Class Recordings

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is a 15-week course that includes live instruction from 15 different visiting missionaries and church leaders, outstanding readings from world-renowned authors, and a fun, dynamic learning environment! To find out more, go to perspectives.org/tallahasseefl or contact the course coordinator, Pastor Scott Stake.

Below are recordings from our Spring 2018 course. You can also click here to access recordings from our Spring 2017 course.

Week 1: the living god is a missionary god

week 2: the story of his glory

week 4: mandate for the nations

Week 5: unleashing the gospel

Week 7: Eras of Mission history

week 8: Pioneers of the world christian movement

Week 9: the task remaining

week 10: How shall they hear?

week 11: building bridges of love

weeek 12: christian community development

week 13: the spontaneous multiplication of churches

week 15: world christian discipleship