Midtown experienced an extremely fruitful 2015. From building renovations to increased attendance and giving, God was kind each and every moment. Here are a few of the ways we saw continued growth:


2014  Easter attendance: 227

2015  Easter attendance: 436

2014  Average attendance: 175

2015  Average attendance: 285



The generous giving of folks at Midtown doubled in 2015 from the giving in 2014.


Campus and Building Improvements

This year we renovated the entry of the building and made marked improvements to the sanctuary as well.  We also added much needed classroom space in the back. We were pleased to place brand new signage along Thomasville Road and in front of the church building.


Staff changes

In 2015 we hired two new part time staff people and a new full-time Pastor of Worship and Community, Zach Simons.



  • Hosted a neighborhood gathering in November with many guests from the community.
  • Established new small groups.
  • Sent 3 people on mid-to-longer term missions.
  • Sent 8 people on short term missions.
  • Began hosting Young Life leadership meetings.
  • Welcomed many new people and assimilated them.
  • Five baptisms and many confessions of faith.

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