Friday, May 4: A Day in the Word

Friday includes your choice of 4 tracks focused on applying God’s Word to different areas of life, dinner, a main teaching session, and dodgeball.

4-6pm: Seminar Tracks (See track listings at below)

6-7pm: Dinner

7-9pm: Main Session -  The Complete Man (II Timothy 3:10-17)

9-10pm: Dodgeball

Saturday, May 5 ......A Day for the World

Saturday includes your choice of several service opportunities around town, including care for our single moms/widows, help at A Women’s Pregnancy Center, and serving at DeSoto Trail Elementary School. Most projects will only be in the morning.


The weekend cost is $10 and covers the cost of materials, Friday dinner, and project supplies.


Register online here


Contact Pastor Scott for more information.


Track 1: The Word & Your Personal Study

We are told all of the time to “study your Bible!;” “be a man of the Word!;” and, “Prioritize the Scriptures!” Yet, if we are honest, many of us are not really sure where to start or how to begin. If you are a man wanting to know “How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth”, then jump on board as we hit the highlights of this excellent book by Gordon Fee. Paul Gilbert and David Hughes will be leading.

Track 2: The Word & Your Little YEars

“The little years,” when children are from infancy to elementary school, can be a blur for God’s man as he learns to love and lead. What does it look like to build your family on God’s Word when you’re tired and busy and your hands always seem full? In our sessions we will talk about training, discipleship, disciple, family habits, family worship, and worldview formation. Led by Pastor Josh, Yaacov Petscher and Danny Brown.

Track 3: The Word & Your Legacy

Have you ever stopped to think about the kind of legacy you will leave behind? Let’s face it, we all live in a “now culture” where the daily demands of our lives pull us away from the “bigger picture” view of things. The reality though, is that the legacy we will leave is defined by the life we lead now. Join Pastor Rob and Ron Machado as we seek to encourage men on how to be “Living a Life Worthy of Legacy.”

Track 4: The Word & Your Wife

Would you like to grow in leading your wife spiritually? Would you like to see God’s Word take greater priority in your marriage? Would you like to see your marriage strengthened, revitalized, and centered on Christ? Join Pastor Scott and John Stewart as we seek to encourage one another as men to bless our wives with the Word