Our men’s ministry seeks to complement our fellowship groups by fulfilling 3 key functions in our church: in-depth study of the Scriptures, corporate events to foster community among men inside and outside the church, and hands-on projects to meet physical needs of our church and city.

In 2015, about 75 men gathered regularly to study God’s Word, with 5 studies in the spring and 4 studies in the fall.

In March, our annual Men’s Retreat was a huge success, as 125 men traveled to Laguna Beach to enjoy great food, fun events, and teaching from our pastors on how the gospel applies to all areas of life. We also hosted several other men’s events to encourage community and outreach, including a Winter Bro-B-Que, Summer R&R at the Rez, and Fall Breakfast.

Our Handyman Team completed several projects, including repairing a living room floor & bathroom for a single mom and doing renovations for Door of Hope Church to help them move into their facility on the south side of Tallahassee.

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