Four Oaks Hurricane Needs Drive & Delivery

A Four Oaks team will be delivering supplies to Blountstown on Sunday, October 14. Bring supplies to Four Oaks Killearn at 1:30pm on 10/14. Items needed include:

  • Diapers & baby wipes

  • snacks, non-perishable foods

  • batteries

  • battery operated fans

  • feminine hygiene supplies

  • pet food

  • Concrobium (lots of it)

  • Cleaning supplies (bleach, cleaning wipes)

  • Rakes, brooms, shovels, wheelbarrows

  • Work gloves

  • Fix a flat

  • Respirator Masks

  • Black trash bags (utility grade)

  • Hygiene products (toothbrush, toothpaste, shower wipes -b/c there is no running water)

  • Dehumidifiers and fans

  • Box knives ( for cutting Sheetrock)

  • Extension cord

  • Can openers

  • Generators

  • Gasoline

  • Baby food

Contact Dave Fiore for more information.

St. Peter's on Thomasville Road and Wildwood on Ox Bottom are also organizing deliveries to different areas. Find more info about those efforts on their Facebook pages:



If you have a need for assistance due to Hurricane Michael, you can text the Four Oaks Care Mobilization Team at 850-792-6605 to request assistance or offer to help those in need

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At Four Oaks, we are committed to a New Testament pattern of fellowship that exists beyond our Sunday morning services in what we call Community Groups.

A Community Group is a group of people who do life together, particularly committed to the core functions of discipleship, care, and mission. They are led by trained lay-leaders who are given ongoing support and oversight by our elders and pastors.

While each group looks a little different, all groups meet regularly to discuss & apply the sermon and pray, connect & care for one another during the week, and look for ways to serve & reach out to new people with the gospel. We also encourage groups to be geographically based in order to help facilitate relationships both within the group and with neighbors.

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1. What are the SUNDAY SERVICE times, and how long are they?

Our Sunday services are at 9am and 11am. Each service lasts between 1:15 and 1:30. 


Yes! Childcare is provided at both services for children through middle school. Kids are cared for by screened workers and protected by a secure check in and check out process. We also provide a special needs class during the 1st service (Killearn campus only).


Whatever you like! Come as you are. You'll see people in their Sunday finest as well as jeans and t-shirts.

4. Where is Four Oaks Killearn located?

The Four Oaks Killearn congregation meets at 4500 W Shannon Lakes Drive in the Killearn area of Tallahassee.

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