A Vision For Our Future

Our five-year vision for Four Oaks is to see Tallahassee and North Florida saturated with the gospel of Jesus through the establishment of congregations, church plants, community groups, and leaders.
What will that look like?



Our primary goal is that as close as possible to 100% of our people would, before the Lord, own the mission and vision of Four Oaks and commit to making a commitment through the Kept Campaign.


Our secondary goal is to see our generous giving grow over a two year period from our budgeted amount of $4 million to $6 million. This additional giving will enable us, by God's grace, to see the first steps of this new vision become a reality.


By 2022, we want to be a church of four congregations totalling 1,800 weekly attenders doing life together in 70 community groups. We also want to establish two church plants in the panhandle region, churches planted by Four Oaks through our partnership with the Sojourn Network.

We are asking God to enable us to raise an additional $2 million over the next two years (March 2017-March 2019) to begin funding this vision.

We’re doing this because we believe He has kept us to pursue gospel work where we’re planted, and to establish new gospel works around us.