Ongoing Hurricane Relief

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Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to our Hurricane Michael relief efforts through your prayers, donations, and clean-up! Recently, we have been working with city officials and other local contacts to develop our plan of action for the next phase of the recovery effort. In addition to continuing the supply drive, we have identified two general areas where we now want to raise up volunteers, including:

  1. Chainsaw and debris removal, and

  2. Supply organization, distribution, and coordination

The following is a description of the work anticipated under both of these categories. Please complete the form below and let us know how you can help! Then, we will organize, assign, and mobilize teams to continue the relief efforts.

1. Chainsaw and Debris Removal

This team goes onsite to residential and commercial areas where downed trees and debris remain. The chainsaw portion is considered technical in that many of the impacted trees are only partially downed requiring an understanding of where best to make cuts and determine where the tree will land. Many of the trees are either on or very near structures. The debris removal task can either be working alongside the chainsaw crew to help create piles of brush and debris for tractor removal or even working to clear streets and sidewalks.

2. Supply Organization, Distribution, and Coordination

Several formal "points of distribution" or PODs are in place across the affected areas to assist in consolidating the organization and distribution of food, water, and supplies to residents. Tasks in this area includes sorting and organizing supplies and assisting in their distribution. Some supplies require transportation back to a Central Warehouse in Tallahassee for re-distribution to other PODs.

For more information, email Brent Johnson.

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