Four Oaks desires to reach our world with the gospel, demonstrating the love of Christ in both word and deed. We assess, train, mobilize, and send workers into the field and leverage resources for the development of local churches, both in the US and around the world.

We currently support 11 gospel partners in a number of ways, including regular prayer, care, and giving. Our global partners serve in Uganda, Cameroon, Philippines, Nepal, Morocco, Belfast, and India. Our local partnerships are with A Women’s Pregnancy Center, Child Evangelism Fellowship, FCA, and the Navigators.

In August, we joyfully commissioned Travis & Lauren Young to launch a campus ministry with CRU at Queens College in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Already, God is drawing students to Himself and giving them a heart for reaching others with the gospel and helping them plug into a local church plant there. In addition, we trained and sent out two single women in the fall to serve for several months in China in order to explore a call to long-term overseas missions.

We hosted several special events throughout 2015, including Evenings in Belfast, Morocco, India, and the Philippines in order to gather our church family together to hear from and pray for our gospel partners while they were here in Tallahassee. We also sent out two care teams to visit our overseas missionaries in Nepal and Uganda, since they couldn’t come home to the US this year.

In November, we hosted our 4th Annual Skate Night and raised $2000 to support our Cameroon team as they take the gospel to the Fulbe people. Then, in December, we sent a team of four led by Chad Northington to Cameroon to provide medical services, install wells, and care for women & children in order to support the ministry of the long-term missionaries there.


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