Our Fellowship Groups are basic Christian communities of 12-18 adults (plus kids!) who are committed to providing mutual care, discipleship, and mission in the community. We currently have 34 groups, including 23 at Killearn and 11 at Midtown.

In 2015, our groups more intentionally incorporated mission as a core function of their community life, looking for ways to serve our city and reach out to the lost. Examples of mission include serving at a nursing home, pregnancy center, or Play Big, providing groceries to the homeless, hosting events and inviting unbelieving friends, and caring & praying for overseas missionaries.

We launched a new leadership training program in the fall called “Boot Camp” that provides more in-depth teaching, mentorship, and relational connection for potential leaders and their wives. Ten men completed the training, and 6 of those men have since launched new groups. Ten more men have signed up for Boot Camp in Spring 2016.

In the fall, we also developed a coaching structure in order to facilitate better community among our leaders. Each coach is responsible for regularly connecting with his group of 3-6 leaders for the purpose of caring for leaders and discussing any relevant pastoral care issues, discipleship & training, and mission strategy (including working together to reach neighborhoods and encourage group multiplication).

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