Four Oaks Care Ministry

At Four Oaks, we desire to care for the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual needs of our church and community through a number of different ministries listed below.

Community Groups are groups of people who do life together, particularly committed to the core functions of discipleship, care, and mission. They are led by trained lay-leaders who are given ongoing support and oversight by our pastors and elders. Community groups are required for members, but are open to anyone. For more information, click here or contact Pastor Scott.

 Redemption Groups are designed to serve as a place of restoration for people who are experiencing brokenness, sin, suffering, crisis, or are just kind of stuck in their relationship with God and need a catalyst for change. In our large group teaching, we walk through gospel principles based on a book called Redemption and then break up into gender-based small groups for counsel and care led by trained, qualified leaders. These groups launch over a weekend and then meet 8 Monday nights, taking place each fall and spring and are open to anyone. To sign up for our next round of groups, contact Pastor Scott.

Pastors and Elders are available to provide wise counsel to those in need of care, particularly in times of crisis or “big decisions.” We also welcome you bringing a person/couple with you to these times of counseling so they can help with ongoing accountability and encouragement. Complete the Care Request Form to request counsel.

Our CARE Mobilization Team seeks to mobilize people and resources in our church to best care for a person or family in need. While needs are quite diverse, typical requests include employment assistance, handyman repairs, moving help, and financial counseling & assistance (led by our benevolence team). Once the Care Request Form is completed, a care mobilization member will contact you within 24-48 hours to review information on the form, ask for more details where necessary, and provide a timetable for follow-up.

If you would like to serve on one of our ministry teams, please complete the Skills & Talents Questionnaire. Then a deacon or staff member will follow up with you.