Wednesday Night Reboot: Resetting Your Soul For Fall

By Paul Gilbert

We are kicking off the 2017 fall ministry season and new school year at Four Oaks by having three Wednesday night, church-wide gatherings from 5:30-8pm on August 16, 23, and 30. These get-togethers are for the whole church and will include FREE dinner, childcare, cool programming for children & students, and a large group teaching time for adults. There will also be ice cream and snow-cone trucks on-site for you to purchase goodies for your culinary pleasure.

We are calling these three Wednesday Nights “Reboot: Resetting Your Soul for the Fall.” If your household is anything like ours, the dawn of this season brings with it the very real pressures of schedules, school, sports, and soul-sucking busyness. And one area where we all seem to be particularly bombarded is through the ever-present presence of media and technology: movies, reality TV shows, video games, Netflix, Redbox, Instagram, Facebook, and iPhones (sorry, Android users). In fact, I’m already exhausted just thinking about it!

Here at the Gilbert abode, we are often having to push back against the cultural inertia which would have technology set the agenda and rhythms of our lives. In fact, we find that technology can exacerbate and make worse the pressures we already feel, instead of having this same technology serve us by making us more effective disciples of Jesus.  Do you relate?

To help us on this journey, we have mailed a book by Andy Crouch called The Tech-Wise Family to our Killearn Congregation members & attenders. The title of this book is a bit deceiving, because it is not just for families; it is for anyone seeking a way forward to flourish spiritually in our technological age.  The book itself focuses on the rhythms and priorities of our lives and how we can use technology in God-honoring ways. I believe we will all be challenged and encouraged as we use Crouch’s book on these Wednesday nights to look at these issues from the perspective of God’s Word & Wisdom.

What next? Well, besides reading the book, I would ask you to block out your calendars, rally your household, pray about which neighbors, families, and friends to invite, and then join us on August 16th – and bring some coins for dessert – we will provide the dinners!

Missed a session? Listen to the adult teaching here

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