Kept to Gather, Give, and Scatter

Beginning February 5 and continuing through March 5, we will be unpacking a biblical and strategic vision that we believe God is calling our Killearn and Midtown congregations to run after and embrace. The theme of this vision campaign is simply this: KEPT. Kept is the word that has consistently come to our minds as leaders as we have reflected on the first 25 years of Four Oaks’ history together. God has been so faithful in so many ways: to preserve us, to hold us up, and to press us forward into faithful and fruitful gospel mission and ministry. It seems right, then, for us to celebrate and to thank God during this season for the many things He has done in our midst.

As important as it is that we reflect on God’s goodness in His keeping us, it is equally important that we ask ourselves this question: What has God kept us FOR? When churches stop asking questions about why they exist and what God is calling them to, what was once a gospel movement quickly turns into a gospel monument. Our desire as a church is that we press forward and seek God’s will for how He would use Four Oaks to transform lives for the gospel in the next generation. Our prayer is that this would become YOUR desire as well.

As pastors and elders, we have been prayerfully considering how God would have us answer this question of, “Kept for what?” We now want us to explore this question with you, so you are going to be hearing about what it is that we believe God has Kept us FOR: He has Kept us to Gather, Kept us to Give, and Kept to Scatter. We believe your heart will be moved as ours have been in thinking about: ministering to “the least of these” in our community; establishing a gospel presence in other parts of Tallahassee and North Florida; securing a home for our Midtown Congregation; and positioning ourselves financially as a church so that we can serve and minister to others for years to come.

During our Sunday morning worship times, we will dive into God’s Word to look at these themes together, and then highlight the opportunities God has laid before us to participate in the building of His kingdom – locally, regionally, and beyond. We will conclude our series on March 5 by asking all of us to consider together how God would align our hearts and resources to this vision. Between now and then, please join us in praying that God would do more than we could ever think or imagine!

Debbie TanisComment