Vision Sunday With A Side of Four Oaks Trivia

by Paul GIlbert

It was George H. W. Bush, in attempting to articulate what he wanted to accomplish as President of the United States, who coined the infamous phrase, “the Vision Thing.” Well, we are doing our own version of the Vision Thing this Sunday at Four Oaks. I am going to be speaking to our Killearn Congregation about what our leaders believe God is calling us to run hard after for this coming ministry year. Midtown folks, please drop in to the Four Oaks podcast afterwards to check things out!

To pique your interest and to get you in the right frame of mind for the Four Oaks Vision Thing, take a moment to see how familiar you are with the history, both near and distant, of our church family. Answers are at the bottom – don’t cheat, and have fun!

1. Which of the following establishments is making its debut at the Killearn location in just a couple of months?

  • Red Eye Coffee
  • Maple Street Biscuit Company
  • Voodoo Burger
  • Texas de Brazil

2. Four Oaks’ initial location for launching its second campus back in 2009 was:

  • Midtown
  • Southwood
  • West Tennessee
  • Watercolor, FL

3. Josh Hughes, the Executive Pastor and Worship Leader at Killearn, gave up his meteoric rise to the top of which profession in order to enter full-time ministry?

  • Century Link
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Publix
  • Disney Imagineers

4. Which of the following area high schools did Four Oaks used to meet at on Sunday mornings?

  • Lincoln HS
  • Chiles HS
  • Leon HS
  • Ridgemont High

5. The name of the church where the Midtown Congregation now meets is:

  • Grace Bible Church
  • Lakeview Baptist
  • Open Bible Church
  • The Shack

6. Across from which restaurant did Four Oaks once own a small warehouse used for meeting space?

  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Midtown Caboose
  • Z Bardhi’s
  • Cheesecake Factory

7. Before joining the Sojourn Network in 2015, Four Oaks was a part of which denomination?

  • Southern Baptist Convention
  • Evangelical Free Church of America
  • Christian Missionary Alliance
  • East Tennessee Snake Handling Alliance of Churches

8. Four Oaks has historically been one of the flagship churches in Tallahassee for which of the following community ministries?

  • A Women’s Pregnancy Center
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Grace Shelter
  • Seminole Boosters

9. Four Oaks purchased a piece of property on which road before being told we could not build on said land?

  • Centerville Road
  • Ox Bottom Road
  • Bradfordville Road
  • Eight Mile

10. Which of the following companies/businesses had store space where Four Oaks Killearn now meets?

  • Food Lion
  • Best Buy
  • Winn Dixie
  • Enron


Answers: 1-Maple Street Biscuit Company; 2-Midtown; 3-Publix; 4-Chiles HS; 5-Open Bible Church; 6-Outback Steakhouse; 7-Evangelical Free Church of America; 8-A Women's Pregnancy Center; 9-Bradfordville Road; 10-Food Lion

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