We'll have Worship Services at 9 & 11 this Sunday, 9/10/17

Florida State may be cancelling their game this Saturday, but we are not cancelling ours. This Sunday we're going to be gathering as usual at 9am & 11am at the Killearn Congregation. We'll be providing children's ministry for preschool and nursery only-the rest of the kids will be in with us adults. It's going to be a great Sunday! We're going to have a shorter service-we know a lot of people are in flux; some are leaving town, some are trying to make plans, and we want to be sensitive to that. But we also want to take this opportunity to open God's word, worship, and pray for the hurricane victims and provide updates for what is happening at different Sojourn network churches that we are partnered with. It's also going to be a great opportunity, in the aftermath of this hurricane, to think about how we can serve as a church family in terms of opening our homes and our facilities for those who need it.

So that's the plan right now. If anything changes, we will send along an additional update. Otherwise, we'll see you on Sunday at 9am or 11am.

For those signed up to attend the Engage membership class this Sunday at 5pm, it will be postponed for a few weeks. We will let you know when it has been rescheduled.

The Two-Service Family


By Scott Stake

On a recent Sunday morning, Pastor Rob gave a grace-filled exhortation for us all to consider being a two-service family this upcoming season. Rather than coming to simply receive, he encouraged us to also give as well—to use our time, gifts, and resources to build into the body of Christ by serving in one of many wonderful ministries on Sunday mornings (hospitality, 4Oaks Kids, 4Oaks Students, coffee or communion set-up, A/V, worship, etc.).
Like the Pifers and many others, we are happy to be one of those two-service families! While it has required discipline, sacrifice, and lots of patience getting little kids ready through the years, we've experienced many gracious gifts from the Lord through it. So I thought I'd let our family share a little bit about why it's been such a blessing for us as a way to encourage you to consider it as well.
Why do you like being a two-service family?
Ruth Ann (6) - I like seeing all my friends. I also like helping and being with Mommy.
Josiah (8) - I like getting to play with my friends in class and hear the sermon. I also like giving Mr. David Hughes a big hug when we arrive in the lobby every Sunday morning!
Hannah (11) - I like having my social time with my friends in Sunday school and hearing a lesson that's relevant to me and then a deeper teaching in the sermon. I also like serving during the summer with the preschoolers. It makes me feel good helping others!
Abigail (14) - I like beginning and ending the day with God. I like helping Mom set up the classrooms, loving on the kids in Sunday school (getting hugs from the kids is one of the highlights of my week!), singing and hearing the sermon, and then closing out the day with our community group. I also really enjoy being at both services because I get to see all of my friends instead of just some of them!
Julia (25?) - We really get the best of both worlds. Our children get to see their friends in Sunday school, but they also get to worship corporately with their parents. In addition, they get to see that the Christian life is about giving and receiving, investing and being invested in. Plus, I really love the opportunity to interact with more people by being at both services. This is my Four Oaks family, and I want to spend as much time with them as I can!
So, there ya go! If you'd like to be a two-service family with us and many other Four Oaks families, we'd love to have you! Or, if you can’t be a two-service family right now but still want to serve, there are lots of opportunities during the week as well (Good News Club—there’s an interest meeting this Sunday during 1st service in Gallery 14, 4Oaks Students, Living Harvest Food Bank, Handyman Team, special events, etc.). To express your interest, please contact a staff member or deacon or complete the service interest form here.
Serving together,
Pastor Scott

A Woman, the Well, & the Worship of God

By Paul Gilbert

This past Sunday, we jumped back into “Believe,” our sermon series on the Gospel of John, and camped out on a very familiar passage:  Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well.  Volumes and tomes have been written on this story from John 4, but we will narrow our focus down to three weeks under the banner of A Woman, the Well, and the Worship of God.  New Study Guides were handed out as well.  Here is a quick peak on where we are going. . . .
It seems that Christians and churches often wrangle with the tensions of what it means to be the people of God: Are we about worship OR evangelism? Do we go deep OR wide? Is it inward OR outward? What about engaging the culture OR building disciples - which is it? As He often does, though, Jesus steps into the middle of these conversations and obliterates our spiritual equations and false dichotomies. It is at a well that Jesus makes the astounding claim that only He can quench the thirst of dry, weary, discouraged sinners like you and me. This means that the most important category that we can wrestle with is the category of Jesus, and whether we will trust Him when He says, “whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again.”

Wednesday Night Reboot: Resetting Your Soul For Fall

By Paul Gilbert

We are kicking off the 2017 fall ministry season and new school year at Four Oaks by having three Wednesday night, church-wide gatherings from 5:30-8pm on August 16, 23, and 30. These get-togethers are for the whole church and will include FREE dinner, childcare, cool programming for children & students, and a large group teaching time for adults. There will also be ice cream and snow-cone trucks on-site for you to purchase goodies for your culinary pleasure.

We are calling these three Wednesday Nights “Reboot: Resetting Your Soul for the Fall.” If your household is anything like ours, the dawn of this season brings with it the very real pressures of schedules, school, sports, and soul-sucking busyness. And one area where we all seem to be particularly bombarded is through the ever-present presence of media and technology: movies, reality TV shows, video games, Netflix, Redbox, Instagram, Facebook, and iPhones (sorry, Android users). In fact, I’m already exhausted just thinking about it!

Here at the Gilbert abode, we are often having to push back against the cultural inertia which would have technology set the agenda and rhythms of our lives. In fact, we find that technology can exacerbate and make worse the pressures we already feel, instead of having this same technology serve us by making us more effective disciples of Jesus.  Do you relate?

To help us on this journey, we have mailed a book by Andy Crouch called The Tech-Wise Family to our Killearn Congregation members & attenders. The title of this book is a bit deceiving, because it is not just for families; it is for anyone seeking a way forward to flourish spiritually in our technological age.  The book itself focuses on the rhythms and priorities of our lives and how we can use technology in God-honoring ways. I believe we will all be challenged and encouraged as we use Crouch’s book on these Wednesday nights to look at these issues from the perspective of God’s Word & Wisdom.

What next? Well, besides reading the book, I would ask you to block out your calendars, rally your household, pray about which neighbors, families, and friends to invite, and then join us on August 16th – and bring some coins for dessert – we will provide the dinners!

Missed a session? Listen to the adult teaching here

Theology in Practice

By Lance Olimb

My favorite (living) theologian is Dr. John Frame. I've found him to be relentlessly biblical, brilliant but accessible, and a committed churchman. I also find vital his insistence that our knowledge of God (doctrine, theology, etc.) must be met with an equal desire to apply it. Learn to trust. Discover to obey. He does not merely want to understand God but to walk with him. This means all our doctrine must find real world application. In fact, that is how John Frame defines theology. The following is an excerpt from Frame’s systematic theology> 
The only term I know that is broad enough to cover all forms of biblical teaching and all the decisions that people make in their lives is the term application. To apply Scripture is to use Scripture to meet a human need, to answer a human question, to make a human decision. Questions about the text of Scripture, translations, interpretation, ethics, Christian growth—all these are fair game for theology. To show (by word or deed) how Scripture resolves all these kinds of questions is to apply it. So I offer my definition of theology: theology is the application of Scripture, by persons, to every area of life.

Why, then, do we need theology in addition to Scripture? The only answer, I believe, is “because we need to apply Scripture to life.”  - John M. Frame, Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 2013), 8.
This is a major reason we have begun to host Theology in Practice seminars. We want to address some of the most complex and pressing issues of our day and apply scripture to them. We want theology to shape our world-views and our world. Over the last two months we’ve met at Paisley Café to consider world-view, culture and mental health. I want to say a few things about these gatherings. 

Thank you for attending. It has been a joy to see so many of you interested in thinking deeply about these topics. 

Paisley has been a fantastic place to be… but… we are considering where and how we should host these going forward. We want to make sure there is room to invite friends! 

We are learning quite a bit on format and direction. We are working to hone the focus of our times together, especially when we get the opportunity to have an ‘expert’ in a field with us. Please be praying (and patient) as we figure these things out. 

The plan is to host at least two more seminars in 2017 (August and September). If you have questions or topics you think it would be good to consider, we would be happy to hear from you. 

There are, of course, many other things in the works for the fall: Community Groups; Fall Festival; Equip classes. Be praying that God allows us to be faithful, bold, and winsome as we pray that His kingdom would come and His will would be done.