• This year many 7th grade students made the transition into 4Oaks Students and are now vitally connected within the 4Oaks Students community.
  • Wednesday Night Large Group continues to go strong with 90-100 students in regular attendance.
  • We had 5 student baptisms in April 2015.
  • Fall 2015 saw our greatest number of students taking part in our Youth Baptism Class. We currently have 20 students tracking through the class with their parents.
  • Close to 30 students went on our annual middle school wilderness trip in June 2015. It was a wonderful time of growth and unity.
  • 35 students went on our annual high school mission trip to New Orleans, LA. It was a wonderful time of growth and unity.
  • Close to 15 5th and 6th grade students attended our annual Salt and Light Camp in August 2015.
  • Many 4Oaks Adults responded to our need for more middle school and high school adult leaders.  God faithfully answered our prayers, and these new leaders are now firmly established in 4Oaks Students and developing discipling relationships with students.
  • Fall 2015 saw our greatest number of high school and middle school students serving in roles within Sunday morning Children’s Ministry programming which serves as a vital connection point for our students to Four Oaks Church as a whole.
  • Fall 2015 saw the launch of our High School Life Group ministry. We currently have three life groups meeting on a regular basis with more on the way. This small group ministry serves as a vital avenue of parent-partnered discipleship within the context of the local church.